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If you are looking for honest feedback and a thoughtful approach to grading - in short, real learning with a real teacher - this is the place for you. At Integritas we lean heavily on the Socratic method of teaching, which acknowledges the responsibiliy the student carries for the success of his or her own education. At Integritas your work is graded fairly and accurately, with positive, constructive, and specific advice for improvements.

At Integritas, students who are timely, focused, and above all present for class can succeed beyond their wildest expectations. If you are dedicated to your own education, and willing to put in the long hours required, you will thrive here.

Integritas periodically offers remedial courses in Spelling and Reading using proven curriculum. Contact Cindy Lange for more details about this highly successful program.
Because we place a great value on the importance of individual attention, class size at Integritas averages 12 students.
Students need to come to class on time for each class session. Students will be excused from class only when the teacher has been contacted by a parent, directly from a parent email. Students are expected to watch archives of any classes missed. Unless special arrangements are made beforehand, students must complete homework on schedule for credit.
The reading pace at Integritas Academy is thoughtful and thorough, and we appreciate the motto "quality is better than quantity." By discussing and interpreting carefully chosen books and texts, students learn to generalize their thought patterns and apply thinking skills to all texts and subject matter. At Integritas Academy, we believe that literature is about joyful learning, not about completing a checklist.

Assignments must be submitted as directed by the teacher. Unless directed otherwise by teacher the body of the assignment shall:

  • be submitted in a format readable by Microsoft Word or as a .pdf
  • be typed in Times New Roman type font, 12 point
  • be double-spaced
  • conform to additional guidelines defined by the teacher
  • A laptop, desktop or large tablet computer running a recent version of Windows or Mac operating system
  • A screen or monitor that is at least 14" diagonally
  • A headset with a microphone
  • Webcam
  • Physical keyboard
  • Internet connection (broadband is preferable)
  • Most recent version of a browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Foxfire, etc.)
  • If a family has more than one student enrolled in the same class, each student must have his own computer, headset, and internet connection.
For year-long classes, the first tuition payment for is due on or before August 15th. Personalized payment instructions will be provided by email. We accept major credit cards and Paypal. Integritas offers tuition discounts for active duty military, diplomat corps, and full-time foreign missionaries.
A book and supply list is available for each advertised course. A copy of this list will be supplied with your syllabus.
The courses will meet at the advertised time in the course listings. Course times are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).
Integritas offers tuition discounts for active duty military, diplomat corps, and full-time foreign missionaries. Contact us for more details.
Our courses meet the diploma standards for most or all charter and private home schools. Because schools and states have varying requirements, the paperwork for each case is handled individually.
Our privacy policy can be viewed at this link.

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If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Integritas Academy.

Once upon a time in the dead of winter in the Dakota territory, Theodore Roosevelt took off in a makeshift boat down the Little Missouri River in pursuit of a couple of thieves who had stolen his prized rowboat. After several days on the river, he caught up and got the draw on them with his trusty Winchester, at which point they surrendered. Then Roosevelt set off in a borrowed wagon to haul the thieves cross-country to justice. They headed across the snow-covered wastes of the Badlands to the railhead at Dickinson, and Roosevelt walked the whole way, the entire 40 miles. It was an astonishing feat, what might be called a defining moment in Roosevelt's eventful life. But what makes it especially memorable is that during that time, he managed to read all of Anna Karenina. I often think of that when I hear people say that they haven't time to read.

- David McCullough