Integritas AP® (Advanced Placement) Status has been granted by the College Board to Integritas Academy!


Virtual Prep School

Integritas Academy's virtual instructional model features live-online classes in real time classrooms where serious students engage in the Great Conversation. This format is a practical way for families to access a quality classical education while meeting specific educational needs and goals.

Small class size, individual attention, and detailed feedback reflect the high standards and personal environment of a legitimate classical education.


Can I enroll in just one course?

Integritas Academy provides a la carte enrollment in our elite program. This type of enrollment allows the parent to homeschool the student for individual courses. You choose the classes; we keep track of grades and transcripts. You will be able to fully interact with the instructor, receiving feedback and guidance when needed. The online instructor will assign and grade all work and will issue final grades for the student. The student will be required to attend a live class twice or three times per week (depending on the course), complete and turn in work outside of class time (3-5 hours per week), write papers, actively participate in the class, and complete the required exams.

Why Us?

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Genuine College Prep Standards
  • Realistic Grades (not inflated)
  • Socratic Teaching Methods
  • Traditional Judeo-Christian Worldview
  • Individual Feedback
  • Demanding Writing Program
  • Curriculum for 21st Century Learning

Is Integritas Academy right for me?

If you are looking for honest feedback and a thoughtful approach to grading - in short, real learning with a real teacher - this is the place for you. At Integritas we lean heavily on the Socratic method of teaching, which acknowledges the responsibility the student carries for the success of his or her own education. At Integritas your work is graded fairly and accurately, with positive, constructive, and specific advice for improvements.

At Integritas, students who are timely, focused, and above all present for class will be successful. If you are dedicated to your own education, and willing to put in the hours required, you will thrive here.