About Mrs. Lange

Cindy Lange - Classical Teacher


Cindy Lange is a fourth-generation native Californian with B.A.’s in Literature and Education from Westmont College, a California Life Teaching Credential, and an M.A. in English; she also has credited enrichment courses at the PhD level. She has developed curriculum for and taught at live online schools: she spent five years at Veritas Press Academy Online and three years at Wilson Hill Academy.

In addition to working with gifted and special needs students in public and private venues, she has taught literature and composition at all levels, including AP classes, and at colleges. Cindy has served as principal for two Christian schools, and as a curriculum advisor for private schools and homeschoolers. She successfully homeschooled her own five children using classical methodology. Her children have graduated from Hillsdale College, The Torrey Honors Institute, and Westmont College.

Cindy loves all things literary, and some of her favorite authors are C. S. Lewis, Homer, Dickens, John Donne, Charlotte Bronte, and Marilynne Robinson. Her literary zeal dovetails with a serious interest in and study of history, with a special focus on church history. She also enjoys classical singing and medieval music, along with discussing all things historical with John, her physician husband and father of their five children.