Welcome to Integritas Academy!

Integritas Academy is a classical prep school for the humanities, with virtual classrooms. We are dedicated to the concept that excellent writing is the natural product of a well organized and disciplined mind. Clear thinking leads to clear and persuasive writing.

We offer traditional education in a non-traditional venue (the live online format). Our classical curriculum is the modern form of the traditional western curriculum which has been the basis for educating great minds since ancient times.

We have decades of experience teaching motivated, high performing junior high school and high school students as they prepare for college. We are experienced in every venue of modern teaching, from traditional brick and mortar schools to all of the variations of online instruction. The live online format allows us to deliver the best educational resources to our students, no matter where they live and learn.

Integritas Academy is pleased to introduce Mary Joy Johnson, our Latin teacher for the 2018-19 academic year. Class days and times will be announced soon.


Is Integritas Academy right for me?

If you are looking for honest feedback and a thoughtful approach to grading - in short, real learning with a real teacher - this is the place for you. At Integritas we lean heavily on the Socratic method of teaching, which acknowledges the responsibility the student carries for the success of his or her own education. At Integritas your work is graded fairly and accurately, with positive, constructive, and specific advice for improvements.

At Integritas, students who are timely, focused, and above all present for class will be successful. If you are dedicated to your own education, and willing to put in the long hours required, you will thrive here.